Exclusive still Sushant’s warrior look from Raabta.

Getting under the skin of his character yet again, Sushant went all out to look the part of a fierce warrior for Raabta.

While his abs made headlines with Main Tera Boyfriend from Raabta topping charts the nation over , Sushant Singh Rajput continues to impress us with his transformations.

From Bomkeshysh Bakshi to MS Dhoni, the star makes a flawless transition from one role to another , reiterating why he one of the finest actors of his generations.

Apart from working on his physique with a monster routine and undergoing hours of prosthetic makeup , the actor also trained in martial arts intensively in Bangkok. Sushant even worked on his voice , body language , right down to the finer nuances and mannerisms to get his act right.

Says a source, “ It was a drastic transformation as there is no similarity whatsoever in the two characters he plays in the film.For Sushant’s warrior look there were make-up artists called all the way from Los Angeles. For getting the action scenes right, Sushant travelled to Bangkok and trained for martial arts and gymnastics. He also worked intensely on his body to ensure he looked the part of a warrior . It was extremely challenging to play two roles simultaneously even for a seasoned actor like Sushant ,especially since they are poles apart from one another but he managed to pull it off and the results are for all to see”.


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